Зустріч десята: Ахмед Ельбана

36011, Україна, Полтава, вул.Шевченка, 23
Тел.: (0532) 50-25-66, 56-20-92 (багатоканальний), 56-21-38, 56-21-79, (05322) 60-80-75.
e-mail: pricom@umsa.edu.ua

Студент УМСА із Єгипту Ахмед Ельбана ділиться враженнями про навчання в Академії. Історію викладаємо мовою оригіналу.

Hi, my name is Ahmed Elbana and I'm a student at Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy UMSA in Poltava to get my degree in general medicine. I was born and raised in Egypt. My father is a gynaecologist while my mother had graduated from commerce University, she does not work. I thank them so much for being here.

Before I completed secondary school and I'm dreaming when will come this day? when I will wake up and go to my work to do the thing I love, I decided to be a doctor after I saw my father how he can put a smile on the patient's face and how the patient is so happy and satisfied. I saw how all people respect him because he is clever and has many bits of knowledge. I want to be a doctor, I want to be from who give hope to those who think they don't have.

After I graduated from secondary school, I heard about studying in Ukraine from a friend, who is living in Poltava, and he recommended to me to contact with Academy may I get a chance to achieve my dream, After I contacted with academy I filled application easily and they accepted me and sent to me an invitation to travel and study there and be one of this big unit.
It was my first time when I travelled from Egypt to Ukraine, I was 18 years old, it was so difficult for me to be alone but after I have arrived in Ukraine I found how people live simply and in peace. l had arrived in Poltava city, it is so beautiful city not large city and people here live in happiness and calm. I impressed by the beautiful nature that haven't seen like that before. Also impressed more by the academy and how beautiful it looks and how they have a good staff and everything here under the arrangement.

I did not find any hards in the study, almost all teachers here can speak English very good, I had just one problem to communicate with people who do not speak English, I didn't have to go outside the academy to learn the Russian language because they gave us intensive Russian language lessons to be able to contact easier with people. Now I speak Russian very good thus now I have many Ukrainian friends and all thanks to my academy. I tried so hard to attend to all class every day, especially there are subjects I love and tried to get a full mark in it, Internal medicine, Gynecology and Obstetrics, General surgery. I have loved these subjects because of my teachers and how they explain to get and understand knowledge by working as a team.

In the end, I want to thank everyone and every teacher who try hard to convey his pieces of knowledge to me. I recommend to anyone who wants to study smartly to come here wíth us, in UMSA, we are working in teams, easy understanding subjects and learn how to search to find the knowledge.